Emmanuel Connections began as a missional-based community of believers, gathered together to pray for our workplaces, one another, and our community.  In the early years, as is still the case, we had a particular burden for people, who for whatever reason,  may not have been  connected to a church they call home.  Because of this passionate burden, we continue to assist people to gather with a few of their friends with the intention of supporting one another in their devotion to loving God and serving Him in our communities.  Our dream is to see one hundred such groups offering a place to belong in the company of friends.

The first fellowship formed was Healing Heart and Hands which still meets today for study, fellowship and mission. 

Under the leadership of Rev. Vicki Gladding, Emmanuel Connections not only has a passion to assist others in starting missional gatherings, but is also involved in multiple areas of ministry.

Emmanuel Connections is a Federal Tax Exempt nonprofit organization (501c3).

Our Future - Our Vision

There are too many believers who say that Jesus Christ is their Lord yet, they have settled for mediocrity in their spiritual life.  God promises abundant life.  Life to the fullest. (John 10:9-11).  


What is our vision for Emmanuel Connections?  

To mobilize both those who currently believe in Christ,  as well as those who are curious, into a way of life that brings fulfillment no matter ones current state.  We cannot do this alone.  We have to take practical steps daily.  Staying connected with  others on the same journey for encouragement is crucial. It is then that we can become the people of God who not only reflect His character to others but also experience a deep soul joy.

Do we have all the answers today? No.  But we look forward to a preferred future as we discover together how to:

BE in a vibrant relationship with Christ TODAY and to walk with Him daily

BUILD healthy relationships

HELP ourselves and others to discover one’s personal journey with Christ

WORSHIP Jesus Christ in all that we do